Creative Ideas For A Splendid Dinner Rehearsal

You just reserved a date and venue for that amazing, extraordinary event of your life. The wedding. Already excited, eh? Well now that the wedding day has been set, now it’s time to plan for the great evening before the wedding where you will be rehearsing exactly what you are going to be doing on the next day. Yes, the wedding rehearsal. 

Wait! Why plan for it now? There is still over a month left before the wedding. Well, that is the point. There is JUST over a month left. As the day draws closer and closer, you are going to get more and more delirious about it. Therefore, it is advisable to plan the rehearsal dinner ahead of time.First off, organize a venue for the party. It would be better if the theme and venue of the rehearsal event differed from the key event. It is okay if you want to have the same theme for both the events too. Either way, just be careful not to let the early event steal the main show.

Then plan the guest list. It is your wedding. Your partner and you have the upper hand of deciding whom to invite and whom not to. If you are sending out invitations to friends and relatives out-of-town, make sure to let them receive your invitation beforehand. Oh, almost forgot! The dinner. What is a rehearsal without a rehearsal dinner? Choose an appetitive cuisine. Make sure to look for food allergens and dietary needs of the guests. If you prefer a cocktail party to a sit-down party, then place some finger snacks and light champagne on the menu. Placing a mimosa bar with a mini collection of wine from New Zealand will bring a delighted smile on your guests. When it is time to end the dinner party, you can ask the already chosen member to give out a toast for your partner and you. If not, anyone from the guests present could give up a toast. Ask the bride’s father and maid of honor to save their speeches for the wedding day.

To make the speech a memorable one, it is better if the speech has been rehearsed earlier to avoid mistakes and confusions. Keep a chilled glass from one the best wines you have got next to the speaker, just in case he experiences a dry mouth while delivering the heart touching speech.As a conclusion, keep the rehearsal dinner light. Wild music and overexcited dances should be saved for the night after the wedding. Otherwise, you will be exhausted on the special day of yours. Do not take high shots of champagne. Keep it light. Have a nutritious and steady meal if you want to feel comfortable on your wedding day. This is the occasion where your old family gets to meet your new family. So do not forget to make it a memorable one. Happy wedded life in advance!