Choosing The Perfect Red Wine

Wine is made from grapes. There are many different type of grapes but not the ones that you find at the supermarket. These can be found planted globally however, there are common vines found around the world. If a bottle of wine is made from a single type of wine it is called varietal; if made using variety of Vitis Vinifera then it is called blend. In areas such as Europe, this beverage is called by the names of the regions that it originates from.

Things to know about a bottle of red

You might ask yourself many times what the best red bottle is. A majority of people do not have the knowledge of choosing the best of this drink and your judgment might be wrong when you go to pick out bottles for wine. What works for one palate might not work for another too. What is different about red over white?

It consists of high amounts of tannin and alcohol, it has a heavier, has a different taste and is very complex. These characteristics and flavor is based on the fermentation process.

Here are a few guiding steps to help you decide the best red grape alcoholic drink for you.

Pinot noir

This is the perfect read if you prefer your vino acidic. If you enjoy this beautifully made grape drink, there is a high chance that you will like Grenache. You might feel a puckering feeling in your mouth as if you are drinking a fizzy beverage. Not to worry! This is how the acidic nature works! The perfect bottle of pinot noir will have an excellent balance of acid and tannins.


If you are looking for a fully bodied bottle of red, Shiraz or Syrah is the perfect choice for you. You will taste the dark flavors which adds the velvet texture.

Cabernet sauvignon

If you prefer the bitter taste that leaves your mouth dry, then cabernet sauvignon is just what you need. It has a touch of spice to its flavor. At a restaurant that serves red meat, you will find timber wine boxes filled with many sauvignons.


This type has the most amount of alcohol content which is 15%. The sugar used in the fermentation process will be used in large quantities that bring about this character of zinfandel. You will however, taste flavours fruity.

Now that you know the basics, you will always be able to identify the type of vino from the label on the bottle and start moving out from your comfort zone and trying new grape flavours!